Why We Love Bluefield, Virginia

Did you know that we have three offices located around southwest Virginia? It’s true! Our patients can visit our staff in Blacksburg, Wytheville, and Bluefield. We’ve already told you what we love about Wytheville, and Bluefield is next on our list.

Here are a few of our favorite things about Virginia’s Tallest Town.


Did you know that Bluefield, VA is home to a university? Bluefield College is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian mountains.

Founded in 1922, Bluefield College is a Christian liberal arts college that offers over 40 academic programs. In addition to academics, Bluefield College students can enjoy all of the outdoor adventures that the scenic Appalachian Mountains have to offer, including hiking, canoeing, and rock-climbing.

Our very own Dr. Bart Eastwood proudly serves as the team physician for Bluefield College athletic teams? Go Rams!

Central Location for Our Customers

Located right in the heart of Appalachia, our Bluefield office provides orthopedic and sports medicine care for much of Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia. With ample office hours, convenient parking, and a friendly staff, you don’t have to travel far for world-class care.

Beyond our office in Bluefield, the region is a perfect place for businesses looking for innovative, forward-thinking locations. With amazing opportunities for economic growth as well as nearby major interstates into Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina, Bluefield is truly an amazing region for business.


RailroadIn Bluefield and surrounding areas, there are numerous places to visit if you’re looking for learn about the history of the area. From historical sites to museums, there is something for everyone! The rich heritage of coal mining, railroad infrastructure, and manufacturing means that the hills here at steeped in American history.

For histories of the area, we  recommend a visit to the Eastern Regional Coal Archives. Here people are able to dig deeper into the rich history of Bluefield and the surrounding areas. This attraction has much to offer, including artifacts, blueprints, ledgers, miner’s tools, and railroad memorabilia.

Located not far from Bluefield in Princeton, West Virginia, is the Princeton Railroad Museum. This museum offers railroad artifact exhibits, artworks, photographs and more.


Bluefield, VA is an amazing place for outdoors recreation. Don’t believe us? We think a trip up to the East River Mountain Overlook will change your mind. Located just a few miles from downtown Bluefield, this observation deck is complete with breathtaking views of Mercer County. For those of you whose ideal day is a day spent outdoors, this is the spot for you!

For hunting and fishing enthusiasts, this area is also wonderful. With miles upon miles of mountain streams and hundreds of acres of National Forest land nearby, the possibilities are endless for the outdoorsman in the family!

Bluefield, VA holds one more secret for outdoors-lovers too: skiing is less than an hour away! Winterplace Ski Resort located just across the state line in West Virginia is a great place to learn for kids and adults alike!

There you have it! Our favorite things about Bluefield, Virginia. What is your favorite thing about Bluefield. Let us know at your next appointment!

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