Dr. Eastwood and the Future of Knee Replacement

Knee replacement procedures are performed to remove and replace the damaged cartilage. Both total and partial replacements are some of the most successful procedures in medicine. First performed in 1968, this procedure replaces the end of your femur and tibia with metal components and inserts a plastic spacer between them, effectively recreating the joint.  In order to implant the knee replacement, a surgical saw must remove the damaged surface at the end of the femur and tibia. Traditional knee replacements place cutting blocks and guides on the femur and tibia to guide the saw. This is a technically challenging process, because accurately placing the blocks and guides can be difficult. Even with a preoperative CT scan, determining the true interior of the knee and the necessary placement requires opening up the patient. And then, the blocks and guides are bulky, which leads to less precision and a more difficult procedure. How does NAVIO differ from traditional replacements?

The NAVIO system is robotic assistance for orthopedic surgeons, a tool to achieve precise positioning of knee implants for each patient’s unique bone structure. Instead of a pre-opt CT scan, the NAVIO creates a 3D representation of the bone structure during surgery. Software plans the surgery, and the surgeon can virtually complete the replacement before performing it on the patient. This software also tracks the NAVIO tool, and informs the doctor precisely where to remove the diseased or damaged bone surface. It then confirms that the replacement has been made according to the surgical plan. The smaller size of the NAVIO’s tool head allows for smaller incisions as well, leading to smaller scars and faster recovery times.

Dr. Eastwood and the Sideline Team brought the first robotic assisted joint replacement system to the entire southwest Virginia region. Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is the only practice to offer this advanced procedure in our area. He also has extensive experience in total hip replacements, as well as joint arthroscopic surgery.

If you’re experiencing consistent knee pain, limited mobility in the joint, swelling, or other knee concerns, please see us during our walk-in hours or schedule an appointment at one of our three clinics.

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