Spine Conditions/Treatment

Interventional Spine Care

Your spine connects the rest of your body–when your spine is injured, inflamed, or out-of-alignment, the rest of your physical health suffers. There’s nothing more debilitating than a spine injury. Your pain may be constant or only when you perform certain motions, but your pain gives us insight into underlying issues and tells us what we need to do in order to begin the healing process.

Our own Dr. Derek Buck is an expert in Interventional Spine Care. He has extensive training and years of experience to diagnose, treat, and heal spine injuries. His experience with the management of lumbar pain, thoracic pain, disc herniation, and much more equips him with the knowledge and expertise to handle all your spine care needs.

Sideline Orthopedics is dedicated to resolving your spine care needs so you can enjoy life again. Do not waste another minute, contact Sideline Orthopedics today to begin the journey to resolve your back and spine issues.

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