Wondering about Walk-In Hours?

sideline-orthopedics-waiting-roomWith winter and the holidays upon us, many of us are looking forward to some much-needed time off work and school to relax and spend time with friends and family. Maybe you’re planning a retreat away from home or just a few quiet days inside. We hope that a sprain or fracture does not find its way into your plans, but if a sudden injury occurs, our team is here to help!

For us here at Sideline Orthopedics, we know that injuries are never planned, and don’t wait until the end of the holiday season. Injuries can happen when walking up an icy driveway just as easily as they happen out on the practice field. It’s important to us that we’re ready and able to help when you need us during those unexpected and scary times. That’s why we’re proud to offer walk-in hours at our Blacksburg office.

When you’re injured, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your medical provider can schedule a time to see you. Time is of the essence and as injuries begin to heal on their own, problems can arise that make treatment more difficult. The extra time you spend making appointments and getting referred to specialists can mean added complications to your injury and healing process. That’s why being seen by a specialist immediately and starting your recovery as soon as possible is so important. Our goal is to provide you with fast, professional service to ensure you heal quickly and correctly.

We started walk-in hours so patients could be seen quickly to ensure proper examinations and start the healing process off on the right foot. Our walk-in hours for our Blacksburg office are listed below.

Blacksburg Office Walk-in Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8am to 11:30am & 1pm to 4pm

Tuesday & Friday: 1pm to 4pm

During walk-in hours, patient receive the same care that they would with a regular, scheduled appointment; our patient-first values mean we treat every single patient with the exact same care, consideration, and compassion.

We’re ready to treat a wide variety of injuries, from fractures to overuse injuries that might affect your day-to-day activities. Our walk-in clinic also offers treatment of acute or chronic injuries that pertain to the foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, or hand. Unlike other walk-in clinics, all walk-in patients will see one of our excellent orthopedics specialists at each and every visit. Depending on the injury, a visit may also include a consultation for a follow-up appointment, X-rays, or perhaps immediate action.  

Here at Sideline Orthopedics, we do everything with our patients in mind. We understand that injuries are not planned and we strive to provide amazing care no matter when you need us. So next time an ankle twists or a wrist sprains, don’t feel like you have to wait to get the care you need and deserve. Stop by and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of, no appointment needed!


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Walk-In Clinics are Back at Sideline!

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8 am to 11:30 am & 1 pm to 4pm
Tuesday & Friday: 1 pm to 4 pm

 The Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Walk-In Clinic is recommended for: