Not an Athlete? You Still May Need Orthopedic Surgery!

surgery for nonathletesYou aren’t an avid athlete, or even a weekend runner, but your bones and joints are still subjected to everyday wear and tear that could potentially result in an injury or condition requiring orthopedic care. There are a number of orthopedic conditions requiring surgery that affect athletes and non-athletes alike. Sideline Orthopedics & Sports Medicine doesn’t just treat athletes, we are here for any orthopedic issue you may suffer! Here are some of the more common surgical procedures required by non-athletes:

  • Arthroscopic Surgery– Arthroscopic surgery allows an orthopedic surgeon to visualize the inner workings of a joint using a small, lighted camera scope and instruments placed through tiny incisions in the skin. Using the camera to view the interior of the joint, the surgeon can diagnose and treat a number of conditions.
  • Total Joint Replacement– Total joint replacements are usually performed to replace a joint that has been badly damaged by arthritis or injury with an artificial one. The most common joints replaced are the knee and hip, but the wrist, ankle, shoulder, and elbow joints are also able to be replaced surgically.
  • Surgical Repair of Fracture– Some fractures can heal with immobilization by a cast or splint. Others require surgical stabilization utilizing either internal or external pins, plates, or screws to hold the bone in place for healing. Complex fractures and those with a poor blood supply may require such a procedure.
  • Spine Surgery– Millions of Americans are debilitated by painful back conditions. When non-surgical treatment has failed, spine surgery may be considered to relieve certain conditions like a herniated disc or spinal stenosis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery– The numbness, tingling and weakness from carpal tunnel syndrome can wreak havoc on your everyday life. When non-surgical treatment has failed to relieve the symptoms, an orthopedic surgeon may recommend carpal tunnel surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves in the wrist.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or not, you’ll never be immune from wear and tear on your bones and joints. Orthopedic surgeons treat both athletes and non-athletes for a number of conditions. At Sideline Orthopedics, we’re dedicated to helping all individuals reach their full functional potential. Contact us today at (540) 552-7133 for a consultation!

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