Meet Sarah Lancianese

Sarah LancianeseIf you’ve visited us before, then you’ve probably gone through our initial tests and questions: checking blood pressure and temperature, asking some preliminary questions, just like at any other doctor’s appointments. Chances are, if you’ve gone through that, then you’ve met Sarah Lancianese!

Sarah joined us just over a year ago, in summer of 2017, as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Licensed Practical Nurses provided entry-level care for patients. “I have several roles in my position at Sideline Orthopedics, they include rooming patients, taking medical history, assisting with in office procedures, placing and removing casts and splints, fitting braces, schedule surgeries and imaging,” she explained. While she hasn’t been here long, she has great memories as part of the Sideline team. “When I first came on board…the whole office was accepting and welcoming. That really stands out to you when all those around you are friendly and encouraging. That’s what this team is all about here at Sideline.”

Sarah got started in the healthcare field earlier than most. “I became part of the healthcare field while I as a teenager. I was drawn to helping others. I became a certified nursing assistant in high school, then went to become a registered medication aide, and decided to go further and become a licensed practical nurse,” she said. Being in healthcare gives her the opportunity to help others, which is a key motivator for her. “I come to work every day knowing that I have a chance to be there [for others] and help our patients and provide the very best care that I can for our patients.”

For Sarah, healthcare isn’t just about bandaging wounds. The relational aspect is incredibly important to her. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, she’s the first person our patients see when they come to our office. Making sure that every patient is treated with respect and care from the moment they enter the room is one of Sarah’s key tasks, and why she loves her job at Sideline. “My favorite part of my job is the patient interaction and relationships that I develop with patients, and watching them progress and heal from their injuries.” Going to any doctor’s office can make some people nervous, but Sarah works exceptionally hard to lessen our patients’ fears and let them know they are in the best hands. Building a bond with patients not only demonstrates Sarah’s dedication to service and helping others, but also embodies our values of patient-first care.

“I feel that my coworkers would say I’m a dedicated hard worker and that I’m passionate about my job,” she said. This commitment to healthcare is what drives Sarah towards her long-term goal: Healthcare Administration. This will require more training and further courses, which Sarah plans to take in the future. For now, she’s happy to help our patients in any way she can.

When she’s not helping give our patients the best possible experience, she’s enjoying the outdoors with her husband and family. “We love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and traveling to new places,” she said. “I have always loved being outside and I really got into hiking when I met my husband. We have hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail together. My goal is to be able to complete the entire Appalachian Trail, section by section in our future years.”

Sarah is here to make sure our patients have an outstanding experience from the moment they check-in until the moment they check-out, and through their recovery process. Thank you, Sarah, for selflessly serving our patients and being an incredible part of our team!

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