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Eliza Just as sports games are won by a team effort, Sideline Orthopedics succeeds because of our incredible team of practitioners, ATCs, and staff. Eliza Slate is one such team member; her positivity, love for Sideline & our patients, and enthusiasm about her work make her an incredible asset to the Sideline line-up.  

Eliza is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). Does that mean she’s standing on the sideline of every game? Not exactly. “My role as an ATC in the clinic is different than the typical work day of an on-site ATC,” she explained. “In the clinic, we are responsible for all the needs of our patients from the time they walk into the clinic until the time they leave.” This includes rooming patients, fitting braces and splints, removing sutures and staples, caring for wounds, ordering x-rays and radiology tests, providing exercise instruction, scheduling surgery, and much more! With so many different skill sets and capabilities, having an ATC like Eliza on staff is an enormous benefit.

We are not only impressed by Eliza’s extensive skill set, but also by her love for Sideline. “I honestly love my job!” she exclaimed. “I have the most amazing coworkers who truly know the meaning of teamwork. We have fantastic providers who are great to work with as well.” Eliza’s love for the Sideline team has deep roots; she’s been on the Sideline team from the start. “I started working for Sideline before the office was even complete and ready for our first day of seeing patients,” she explained. “I think it’s awesome to be able to say I’ve been here the entire time and been able to see how we have grown from our first day to now.” She made certain to thank her coworkers and providers in this interview for making Sideline such a great place to work!

We asked Eliza how she thinks her coworkers would describe her. She said, “I don’t know exactly what they would say, but I hope they would say I’m a team player who is willing to jump in and help with anything they need. I hope they see me as a friend and someone who loves their job. I think they would say I have a great sense of humor and am a hard worker.” She explained that all of those traits are also how she would describe the Sideline team.

Connecting with patients is one of our core values; we strive to ensure that every individual who comes through our doors feels comfortable and at-home in our office. Eliza personifies that value. “I really like getting to meet new people and help patients recover and get back to their normal, everyday lives,” she said. Her favorite thing about working at Sideline is “that we get to watch patients progress through their injuries and rehabilitation and ultimately recover and get back to their normal active lifestyles….I really feel like at Sideline we have great connections with our patients and it feels like a family environment, not just a job and work.” Her incredible compassion for her patients makes her an incredible asset to the Sideline family. “I love working in a smaller office where we really get to know our patients.”

When Eliza isn’t working hard for our patients, she’s spending time with her two-year-old daughter or enjoying time by the lake with family & friends. “I am super lucky, or I guess I should say blessed…I have an amazing family and a great job!” she said.

We also count ourselves lucky to have such an enthusiastic and positive team member. Thank you, Eliza, for all that you do for the Sideline family!

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