Knee Replacement Technology: Spend Less Time In Surgery!

Dr. Eastwood did the first case in our county using this technology and continues to lead the region in most surgeries performed using this method.

As a patient considering knee replacement surgery, it is important to remember that you have choices.

In our VERILAST◊ Technology section, we discuss how the choice of materials used to make your implant can have a significant impact on your implant’s ability to resist wear.

However, as important as your choice of implant materials is, it’s only part of the equation.

After all, no matter how much new technology goes into the creation of your implant, if your implant isn’t correctly aligned within your body, implant wear and performance will still be concerns.

For this reason, we developed VISIONAIRE Patient Match Technology – a system that uses your own MRI and X-Ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized specifically for your unique knee anatomy.

These streamlined instruments potentially offer several patient advantages:

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