Into the Lights

athlete-running-onto-fieldImagine, for a moment, standing in the tunnel of Lane Stadium before the first football game of the year. You can’t see the green turf past the white glow of the blinding spotlights flooding the entranceway. The opening bass riffs of “Enter Sandman” thrum through the corridor, shaking the foundation. 66,000 stomping feet crescendo into a deafening roar. This is the moment for which you’ve been waiting. Months of training, years of practice, countless footballs caught, miles upon miles of punishment runs and quick step drills: all have led to this.

You run into the light, onto the field, ready to win.

Here at Sideline Orthopedics, we pride ourselves in keeping athletes performing at their best, so they can experience moments like that. And while we don’t enter surgery to thunderous feet, jingling keys, and a rousing few bars of “Enter Sandman”, our doctors experience a similar moment of humility when the lights come on in the Operating Room.

“When the lights go on, that’s game time,” Dr. Bart Eastwood said. “You spent your whole life preparing for those moments that are really going to count. In both medicine and athletics, you train hard to be ready for those moments so you can do your absolute best.”

We treat every surgical procedure–from routine to major–with equal consideration. Every patient deserves our best, and our doctors enter the OR ready to deliver. It’s not with the same fanfare as a Hokie football game, but it is with the same commitment, dedication, and seriousness as the players who take the field.

“We put in a life’s work just to be ready for that moment when an athlete is under the lights of our operating table,” Dr. Eastwood continued. “That’s when we need to shine and be at our best in order to get them back out on the field. We go to medical school, residencies, and fellowships to prepare for that moment of entering the OR to work on someone’s loved one.”

We don’t see patients as merely numbers on a chart, just as a professional athlete doesn’t see each game as just another date on their schedules. Every patient, like every game, is important. They’re someone with families, with futures, with hopes and dreams of walking strong or taking to the field again or returning to life unassisted by devices or nurses. Each individual deserves our best work, and we give our all every time we perform a procedure.

Our doctors don’t stand behind the door of the operating room, surrounded by coaches and cheerleaders and teammates. They don’t have heavy metal echoing down the hall, or fireworks announcing their arrival, or a cheering crowd of 66,000 fans to welcome them onto the turf.

But they stand, instead, immersed in a moment of humility. Remembering that every second in that operating room counts; that every cut and stitch will bring their patient one step closer to resuming life as it once was. Recognizing that the person who awaits them has laid their trust, their future, and their hopes in our hands.

And then they step into the light.

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