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Elbow Fracture

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What is an Elbow Fracture?

Any injury to the elbow should garner medical attention, especially if range of motion is reduced and pain is present. Early detection and diagnosis of an elbow fracture can reduce the risk of complications later in life. Elbows may be injured in a variety of ways including:

  • overuse
  • acute trauma, such as a fall; or a high-impact force

Symptoms of Elbow Fracture

It may be difficult to distinguish between an elbow sprain or fracture, as the symptoms can be similar. However, some symptoms of elbow fracture include:

  • Swelling of either the elbow itself; or in the area above or below the elbow.
  • Deformation of the elbow; or any area near the elbow.
  • Bruising or redness around the elbow.
  • Difficulty moving the elbow through its complete range of motion.
  • Numbness or decreased sensation in the forearm, hands or fingers.
  • Severe pain.

Our team will order x-rays, or alternate forms of imaging, to help make an accurate diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan.

Treatment of Elbow Fracture

The treatment plan for an elbow fracture will vary depending on the type of injury the patient has endured. There are ranges of treatment that correspond to the ranges of injury. Some injuries can be treated with a splint (immobilization), ice and elevation. More serious injuries may require surgical intervention to realign bones or repair torn ligaments and damaged nerves and blood vessels. As with any injury, it is vital to follow the instructions from your doctor to achieve the best possible results during healing. You will follow up with your doctor several times throughout the healing process to make sure that you stay on the right path toward recovery.

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