Spinal Instability: What It Is And How To Treat It

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Any type of painful back condition that worsens as you move can be difficult to diagnose because most tests will examine you in a prone or sedentary state. One such back condition is called spinal instability. This condition happens when two vertebrae loosen up to the point that too much motion occurs between them. This [...]

How Orthopedic Sports Medicine Gets and Keeps You on the Field

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Athletes push their body to the limit both off and on the field, through rigorous training and competition. This can be extremely taxing on the musculoskeletal system, potentially resulting in pain, strain, and injury. When this occurs, the athlete is in need of a professional with specialized training and experience diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating sports [...]

Sideline Only Local Orthopedic Surgeon Using Smith & Nephew PICO Wound Dressing

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The PICO Single Use NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) System improves predictability in wound healing and reduces complications following orthopedic surgical procedures known as “total joints.” Total joint replacements include primary hip and knee replacements, procedures Sideline’s Bart Eastwood, D.O., frequently performs. Dr. Eastwood notes that “We are the only ones using this unique dressing [...]