Tendons & Tears: Common Shoulder Injuries

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The shoulder is a connecting point for bone, muscle, and tendons, which work together to ensure your shoulder has a full range of motion. Overuse, injury, and degeneration can all cause shoulder injury. We’ve selected four shoulder injuries involving tendons and/or tears today to review the causes, symptoms, and treatment options of these similar injuries, [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Basics

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What does an office assistant, assembly line worker, and freelance artist have in common? A higher chance of carpal tunnel syndrome! Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. The carpal tunnel of the wrist is a narrow tunnel formed by the small carpal bones of the wrist on the bottom [...]

Partial Knee Replacement: What Is It?

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Managing knee pain can be an exhausting process. Limited and painful mobility is physically tiring, and leaves you emotionally and mentally spent as well. If medicine, physical therapy, and other conservative treatment options no longer bring relief, it’s time to make an appointment and talk with our doctors about other options. For some, that next [...]

Dr. Eastwood and the Future of Knee Replacement

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Knee replacement procedures are performed to remove and replace the damaged cartilage. Both total and partial replacements are some of the most successful procedures in medicine. First performed in 1968, this procedure replaces the end of your femur and tibia with metal components and inserts a plastic spacer between them, effectively recreating the joint.  In [...]

National Student Athlete Day: It Takes a Team

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Student athletes face unique challenges, balancing coursework with rigorous training and game schedules. Coaches, friends, teachers, and family form the team behind the athlete, providing critical support both on and off the field. They play an important role in making sure an athlete is safe and healthy. To celebrate National Student Athlete Day, we’ve prepared [...]

Ankle Ailments: Symptoms of an Ankle Injury

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Our feet and ankles undergo a lot of stress. As such, ankle injuries are some of the most common we see here at Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Let’s talk about four common injuries, their symptoms, and how we can help heal.   Ankle Sprains The bones of your ankle and feet are held together [...]

Stressed About Stress Fractures

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We see our fair share of injuries throughout our days at Sideline. If we bet candy on which injuries we would see on any given day, anyone betting on stress fractures, would get more loot than on Halloween! One of the most common injuries we see, especially in athletes, is stress fractures. If a bone [...]

How Do Broken Bones Heal?

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Skeletons are more than just decor for Halloween or a biology classroom. Our skeletal system is what makes our bodies durable. From the rib cage and skull protecting our critical organs, to our spine keeping us upright, our bones are a necessary part of our physiological structure. We would, quite literally, be oversized worms without [...]