Is Sideline Orthopedics Only for Athletes?

Have you ever considered if our practice is designed to serve only high-performing athletes? If that is a concern, let us assure you: we serve all ages and all activities with the united goal of helping people get back to living a life they love. There is a longer answer, that tells a bigger story about who we are and why we love to practice this particular type of medicine: sports medicine.

As our founder, Dr. Bart Eastwood, shared, “the definition of sports medicine is getting active people back to doing the things they need to do.” Sports medicine is about activity, mobility, and a life well-lived. It is for anyone who has pain or an injury that impedes their movements. We find the root of patient concerns and use evidence-based medicine to rectify the issue. We want to help all our patients optimize their everyday life “performance” just as a high-performing athlete works to optimize for the big game or major competition.

While our patients do not need to be athletes in the traditional sense, we do serve a large amount of patients involved in athletics. Dr. Eastwood is the team doctor for Bluefield College, Bluefield State College and Concord University. His role is to directly work with these students from across a variety of sports, to treat injuries and enable them to be at their very best. For us, it is fun to meet these student athletes and hear about their aspirations both on–and off–their respective playing fields.

We also have many patients that you might not consider to be “athletes” in the traditional sense, but still have the same desired outcomes: they want to be at peak mobility. Sometimes it is a middle aged person in need of a knee replacement. Other times, it is a young child who broke a bone while playing on the playground. And in other cases, it is a person experiencing back pain who is struggling to figure out why. The nature of the need may change but our role stays the same: we help all of these people get back to “performing” at the level they need.

Sometimes the solution to a patient’s problem involves physical therapy and non-invasive methods (meaning non-surgical). That is why our team is staffed with numerous sports trainers.

However, we also recognize there are some injuries and medical issues that do require more intensive treatments such as surgical procedures. For that, our depth of expertise and experience serves our patients well. Our robust sports medicine team is led by Dr. Eastwood and includes a foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Schopf, an Interventional and Spine Specialist, Dr.Buck, and our outstanding P.A., Matthew Shortt.

Whether you’re tackling others on a football field, playing with your grandkids, or enjoying casual walks on the Huckleberry Trail, our team is dedicated to helping all our patients enjoy life to the fullest!

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